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About Us / FAQ
» What is Marikinabiz.com?

Marikinabiz.com is a business site with the goal of bringing together all businesses in Marikina City under a single site. It will be the On-line Business Community for Marikina and soon the metro city. This will create a wider reach and impose a bigger image for the business community.


» How do I get listed in your directory? Is this Free?

Being listed is Free. If you are not included in our business listing, you can Register On-line, or e-mail us your business details, (Business Name, Phone, Address, and your business category) at websupport@marikinabiz.com


» If being listed is Free, what is that Subcription Fee?

If you want to be an mBiz Partner, you have to subscribe to us. Your subscription will put your Business Name in our Home Page, just like our existing partners (DonnFavis.com, FAME, God's Love Family Farm, etc.). We will also create a Web Page and assign one e-mail for your business as part of your subscription package which cost a very low Php 3,000 a year. An inexpensive option as compared to print ads.


» How can I be an mBiz Partner?

Sign Up On-line or call at 0906.2823535 to inform us about your interest in joining the biz. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


» If I want to subscribe, what are the requirements?

Sign Up On-line or a fully-signed registration form is required, together with your business details and photos you want to be written and included in your web page.


» Why do I need a web site?

Every business must have a business card, catalog, and brochure. These allow clients and customers to see what you have to offer, and how to make a purchase. Consumers throughout the world are discovering that they can depend on the Internet as their primary means of getting product and service information for making purchase decisions. In addition, most businesses are doing much of their purchasing research using the Internet as well. These are the potential clients your business needs to reach.


For more inquires: websupport@marikinabiz.com

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